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Ownership web-based management tool for your co-operative housing society ( herein referred to as "Application" is an accounting , management and communication tool specifically aimed at Housing Societies by which ever name they are known and is owned by NPower Associates [ hereinafter called owners ] . The application has been developed by and is being maintained by [ hereinafter referred to as Developers ]. The owners reserve the right to change the Developers at any time at their sole discretion.


Rights of user of are given to registered users . The registered users or their authorized users can login and use the application through their email ids


The application provides a convenient accounting , management and communication tool to Association of Apartments / Housing Societies , Resident Welfare Association / Condominiums etc, basically aimed at Mumbai as a core client base, expandable to other cities and other states of India. Accordingly, some of the modules in the Application may not be applicable to other cities / states. Users are required to use their discretion in choosing such modules, through proper verification
The application may be upgraded from time to time . The upgraded version is available to all the registered users automatically in place of the previous version, without any notice.
The owners reserve the right to modify & / or discontinue temporarily or permanently the Service in part or in full, after giving a reasonable time to the registered users during which time the registered users may take up backups or create necessary records for their future use. The owners shall not be liable to pay any compensation to the registered users in such an eventuality
The various modules / services are made available to the clients as per their chosen plan. The clients are free to choose their plans. Right of access and grant of permissions are given to the client's representative [ moderator ] by the owners.
Right of Access to various modules and permissions for use of the module are provided to the vendors , staff , Managing Committee Members, non members etc by the Moderator of the Client, and the owners have no role to play in this
While right of access to the website to the members are provided by the moderator / any other person authorized by the moderator, the permission to use is predetermined by the application

Privacy Policy

The owners categorically state that we shall not sell, rent or otherwise make available the email ids, phone numbers, addresses and any such other contact details and personal information to any third party for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise provided for in the application
The information provided by the user [ not necessarily a registered user / authorized user ] under "Suggest to a Friend" will not be used by the owners other than to contact such friend
We, the owners firmly believe that the passwords are the ownership rights of the users, and accordingly, neither the owners nor the developers have any access to any password created / accessed and stored in the application. All such passwords are stored in encrypted mode


All the information of the registered users under My Profile in the website of the application , except those under My Info , are available to the Admin , to whom this permission is granted by the moderator / any other authorized person

All the information of the registered users are available for the owners and developers of the application


The application may contain links to other sites. The owners / Developers are not responsible for the privacy Policy of such sites. Any link to other sites does not mean and imply any endorsement of the contents of their site by the owners

Abuse of service

The registered users will only be responsible for all the information stored in the application and accessed by the users. Neither the owners nor the developers will be responsible for any abusive content created, stored and made available to other users by any registered or authorized user. Only the person who has originated such content , and persons who have distributed such contents will only be responsible for such acts
It is specifically informed to the users that authorized users shall not upload any content / create any content which is specifically prohibited under any law being in force
The owners may block access to such registered users who are found to indulge in abuse of the Service


The registered shall not to reproduce , copy or make duplicates , sell , resell or in any other way exploit the contents for commercial purposes. reserves the right to block such users


The Application, the contents and Services provided by the Application contain proprietary and confidential information are covered under the applicable Intellectual Property Rights and other Laws. The users are also prohibited from extracting the code , contents and or involve in reverse - engineering


The Registered users indemnify and keep indemnified the owners, the developers , their employees and agents harmless from and against all liabilities, legal expenses, damages, penalties, legal actions and other expenses in relation to any claims , actions, prosecutions, brought against any or each of them arising out of any breach by the registered user or its authorized user of any of the terms of use that may be specifically spelt herein or in vogue as per industry norms


The owners provide warranty that the Services shall be provided as per documentation and the Functionality of the Services shall not be materially changed during the period of contract


The application is provided on as is AND as available basis. The application may contain suggestions, inputs, documents etc for selection by the registered users or authorized users which in the opinion of the owners are true and correct. The registered users and authorized users are required to make their own judgment as to the correctness of the information contained and the owners do not certify them to be legally valid suggestions , inputs or documents. The owners do not provide any warranty of any kind for any interruption of the service caused due to negligence or otherwise.
The owners do not provide any warranty of any kind to the registered users or authorized users as to the correctness of the contents nor the owners provide any warranty as to satisfactory quality, suitability for a particular situation/ purpose , compatibility, security, accuracy and/ or legal validity


The owners shall not be liable for any induced or consequential loss or damage that may cause to them on account of use of the application
For any breach of the warranty , the only remedy available to the registered user shall be Termination of the Contract Plus refund of the time related advance payments as on date of termination of the contract
Without prejudice to what is stated in these terms and conditions, under no circumstance the liability of each party to the other that may arise under any law being in force, shall not exceed the amount paid by the registered user under the current active contract made with the owners


If any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this document is found to be legally not enforceable, not valid or bad in law, the whole of the document except such terms and conditions which are found to be not legally enforceable , not valid or bad in law will be valid and binding and enforceable on the user

Period of Validity

These terms and conditions are inserted in the website on 04.11.2017 and will be valid till modified. Any modifications of substance will be published in the home page of the registered user for a period of one week prior to the date of modification and one week after the date of modification not as a legal requirement , but as an information.